Frequently Asked Event Question

What is The Biggest Networking Event?

The Biggest Networking Event is a social event that brings together New York’s professionals from different industries to mix and mingle in celebrity hot spots and edgy venues. We know that a fun and upscale atmosphere encourages people to unwind, let loose, and have a good time – the exact ingredients necessary for networking, creating connections, and closing deals. We invite you to join us for an evening of cocktails and connections that will take your career to the next level.

Where do you hold events?

Each of our events are held at hot spots throughout the city. You will never visit a boring conference room or hotel meeting center when attending one of our events. The Biggest Networking Event is the premier destination for meeting professionals throughout the city. Each venue is carefully selected to ensure that our members have a truly enjoyable experience.

What time of day are your events?

They are typically held in the evening, after work. We know that you don’t want to wake up early for another event!

How many business cards should I bring?

We encourage you to bring AT LEAST 50 business cards. The Biggest Networking Event is the premier networking event for dynamic professionals, corporate decision makers and industry leaders in New York City. The more cards you have to hand out, the bigger chance of making a vital connection!

Who will be there?

The Biggest Networking Event hosts two types of mixers. We host a general mixer with professionals from industries across the spectrum. The second type of mixer is industry specific (i.e. Fashion, Technology, etc.) We encourage you to view the “Event Description” to select events that most benefit you. Regardless of which events you chose to attend, you can be certain that there will be professionals of the highest caliber in the room.

Can I bring a colleague?

Of course! Bringing a colleague helps you to meet more people and generate more business. Having someone by your side can also make it easier and more enjoyable to socialize with important industry leaders and other professionals.

Do I need to preregister to attend?

Although some tickets can be bought at the door, we cannot guarantee entrance to our events if you have not pre-purchased a ticket. We encourage you buy a ticket in advance in case the event sells out!

Can I bring my companies products to the events?

As an attendee, you are not permitted to bring products to sell at the networking events. If you are interested in sponsoring one of our events, please click here

Do I have to be a member to attend events?

No! You do not have to be a member to attend the events. Membership packages upgrade your experience at The Biggest Networking Event. For packages, please click here

Do you limit how many professionals from each category can attend?

No, these are large-scale events with high-caliber attendees. While there may be other people in the room that have the same profession as you, we view these as opportunities for collaboration and the potential for working together. Still, with anywhere from 500 to 1,000 people in attendance (depending on the venue location), you are sure to find numerous opportunities for making vital business connections and closing deals.

Is there a VIP option?

We have several membership levels. Already, our events are exclusive to dynamic professionals and industry leaders. However, if you are looking for a more exclusive or VIP experience, contact us directly.

Will pictures be taken at the event?

Yes, our events are pure energy and it’s easy to capture picture-worthy moments.

Do you use technology at your events?

Certain memberships include the opportunity to use event-specific technology to capture lead and contact data.

Your event sold out. When will the next one be?

View our events page for information on when and where The Biggest Networking Event will be held next. If you want to have advanced access to event registration, we encourage you to become a member.

Is there a set schedule?

No! We want you to have fun and a set schedule with speakers and panels tends to limit that. While some of our industry-specific events may have a brief presentation by a knowledge-leader, this is the exception and not the rule. We want you to come to The Biggest Networking Event and be able to unwind, enjoy, and establish incredible connections.

I have an idea for a venue. How can I reach you?

If you have an idea for a venue or theme, email us here. We always enjoy hearing from our many members.

Do you have corporate memberships?

Yes. If you would like to purchase a membership for your business, email us here.