Our Story

We hate 7AM networking meetings.

There is nothing worse than waking up early, packing your laptop bag for work, catching the train in the dark and winding up at a morning networking breakfast where you are somehow supposed to smile, shake hands, and make business connections with people who are just as tired as you are. It doesn’t work.

Not only are you unlikely to make a good impression, but the people you want to meet probably won’t show up because they are still at home, drinking coffee. There has to be a better way.

We nailed it.

Evening networking events in trendy hot spots where people actually have fun. No more stuffy meetings with panels or local speakers. No more waking up at the crack of dawn and no more forced business card exchanges. With the Biggest Networking Event, you have the freedom to network your way, let loose, have a good time, and establish lasting business connections, simply because you want to.

Doing What Works

We have all been to stuffy networking events where everyone is keeping to themselves and no deals are being made. We know this doesn’t work and that what does, is doing business in a social atmosphere. This is why people hold some of their most important business discussions in environments like the golf course. In social settings like this, everyone is on the same page. The challenge is that most professionals are too busy to take a day off of work to play golf or to spend afternoons at the club. Busy professionals need an atmosphere that is just as relaxing but ideal for a modern, professional lifestyle. This is why the Biggest Networking Event is always at at top nightclub, lounge or restaurant.

Biggest Networking Event promotes an environment where you can let your guard down and get to know other professionals in a fun, relaxing atmosphere that isn’t an uptight business environment. Relax, grab a drink, something to eat and have fun. This is the best way to not only meet other people but to encourage them to want to do business with you.

Our Events

We hold all of our networking events at the trendiest spots in NYC. Hosted throughout the year, our events are held at top venues, hotels, restaurants, and other high-end venues. Unlike other networking events, you will not be stuck behind a booth waiting to be approached. Our events will consist of professionals from a variety of industries, so they are not just focused on one department or industry. You’ll be able to network with people you may have never thought you’d work with or never thought about reaching out to. Easy conversations held over drinks can inform you of something cool they do with their business and make it possible to identify ways to work together or to help each other. This is why socializing in this kind of environment is so important - you are able to discuss facts about your company beyond your standard elevator pitch.

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Stop waiting for success to happen. Go out and make connections at the Big Networking Event and you’ll achieve a success you never thought was possible!



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