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Biggest Networking Event



Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking

If you hate networking, you are not alone. This exercise seems torturous for many and tolerable for a few. Still, those who do master the power of networking can find that their career takes off and they are able to become more successful, make more money, and even improve their life satisfaction. Scientifically, social people tend to achieve these things and more. With that in mind, you can improve your chances of success and also the amount of fun you have networking, by attending The Biggest Networking Event in NYC. Since our events are held at trendy hot-spots, you are going to have much more fun than at a stodgy breakfast meeting.

Once here, try these tips to make the evening more successful.

  1. Select prime real estate. If you don't like walking around the room looking for people to speak with, find prime real estate and stay there. For example, you may want to position yourself near the bar, near the buffet, or at an area people have to walk past. This makes it far easier for you to catch someone's eye and strike up a conversation.
  2. Go with a connector. We all know someone who seems to know everybody. These super connectors are people in your life that have the power to introduce you to a variety of other people. If you know one, bring them with you to a networking event. There's a good chance that they will know several people when they walk in the room and can instantly make warm introductions to you.
  3. Use their name. According to Kansas State University, it is not our memories that makes it hard to remember people's names but our lack of interest in them. Fortunately, this is easy to solve. Every time that you meet someone new, try to use their name at least three times in the conversation. They will be impressed that you remember their name and you might even remember it next time you see them.
  4. The reasons people hate networking is because the conversations tend to be shallow and insincere. The good news is that you can come across as genuinely warm and interested in what people have to say by simply listening. If you listen to what they have to say and ask additional questions, it will indicate that you truly care about them and the conversation. This will go a long way in allowing you to create a valuable relationship.
  5. Ask questions. Asking questions can be far more powerful than talking the entire time. Not only should you ask about the person you are speaking with but you should ask how you can help them. The answer may provide you with an opportunity to help them solve a problem or make a connection, and in doing so, make yourself invaluable. Now, you won't feel bad asking them for something.
  6. Leverage each meeting. After you are finished speaking with someone new, ask if they know anyone else that you should speak with. They can make a warm introduction and you could find yourself being introduced across the room, without any additional effort.

Have Fun and Let Loose

Take the pressure off of yourself when networking and simply focus on having a good time and letting loose. When you are happy to be there, you will find that it is far easier to meet people and the other people in the room will actually seek you out. After all, everyone wants to be with someone who's having a great time because it increases the likelihood that they will have a good time as well. Smile more often, laugh, just be yourself, and you'll find that networking can be enjoyable.

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